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If you are thinking of separating or you already have, then financial certainty is necessary. Financial Planners are not just there to provide advice on stocks and bonds but to also provide solutions for your complex situation. To Talk about you and what your needs and wants are. Your needs and wants will be different to when you were married and a new strategy for you, can be put in place easily to ensure your new blueprint is clear.

Comprehensive Approach

A Financial Planner can help you  simplify financial data, helping you to educate yourself about money, build confidence and help you take control at a time of great uncertainty. It's important to make your financial decisions before a settlement or negotiations have started as your financials need to be identified so that all your options are considered.  

Committed to Service

Having a team work with you as part of the divorce process simply makes sense, and allows you to make more informed settlement decisions. It's much more productive than being alone and making uneducated guesses. After settlement, there is little to no room to do things differently. 

Our Team

The Team

  What makes them stand out from the crowd is that they have both gone through a Divorce. They have both dealt with custody, asset splits, child maintenance trusts, refinancing, income splits and every other emotion that goes along with a Divorce. 

With Martial being a Father of 2 and 2 adopted Children and Shauna a Mother of 2, they are both able to provide the support and compassion that is needed during this process. 

The backing of this service comes from both Shauna and Martial. Independently they own and run many companies locally and overseas. With their highly regarded experience and knowledge they can provide advice, unlike any other Financial Adviser. 

Shauna Rose

 At a young age of 14, Shauna was exposed to the hardships of a single parent with 2 kids, earning pocket money by helping the family babysit. This experienced a strong mindset for Shauna. This enabled her to focus her career path in specialising in assisting individuals and families through effective financial and contingency planning. Her childhood dream came to fruition 20 years ago when she started her career as a qualified Financial Planner. Throughout her professional career and certainly her personal life, Shauna has been able to help 100's of families benefit from strategic planning and wealth management. 

Martial Peter

 Martial’s passion towards helping single parents started at a very young age when he was raised by a single Parent with very little financial assistance. Growing up in that environment, Martial learnt very quickly the value of money and how you can have more month at the end of your money. Being quite young and progressing through his financial services career, this fuelled by his passion to help people achieve a better quality of life, Martial has continually educated himself in creating effective strategies, structures and financial plans for people of all walks of life especially single parents.  

Benefits to our Service

Educating Yourself on Budgets

  The hardest part of creating a budget is sitting down and creating one. Filling in the blank canvas can seem daunting and stressful, particularly at a time when you’re feeling vulnerable. Receiving help from an Adviser who knows how to do this, is the easy part. We will guide you through the process, step by step, so that you both understand your money and are involved in the process. 

Active Involvement in Your Money

 Ever been in the situation where someone else has managed your money and you have no idea where it goes or what it does for you. Part of our process is to get you involved and show you what the likes of your superannuation is doing, where it is invested and what you are receiving. Your Superannuation and Investments plays a part in your long term goal, retirement, so why not get involved early and be a part of it. 

Have a Life

 Quality of life, for many, means having financial security, job satisfaction, a happy family life and personal fitness and health. Our role in your quality of life is to discover what you want, the challenges you face, the changes you want and how to connect your money and resources with what excites you in your life.  We take the burden off you so that you can concentrate on the things that you enjoy most.  

What Other Areas Need to be Considered

  - Superannuation 

- Personal Insurances 

- Retirement Goals

- Home Loans or Investment Loans 

- Possible Refinancing 

- Budgets/Expenses on possibly one Income 

- Wills and Power of Attorneys

- Caring for your Kids 

- Legal Assistance 

Practical Considerations

  - Bank Accounts

- Credit Cards

- Passwords 

- Mortgage or Loan 

- Family Home 

- Income and Expenses 

- Children

- Division of Assets 

- Wills / PoA

- Superannuation and Insurance 

- Domestic Violence 

Where To

  There is an order in which these considerations need to take place and finding simple solutions, is what we will help you with. We will work through each of these, and more if they apply to you, to ensure that your unique world is working effectively. 


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